Friday, January 21, 2011

Fuel pump, air duct and polishing...

The old fuel pump quit. I have opted for an electrical pump. The advantage is to have the car start right up even after a long time in storage. This saves the battery and the starter. I've installed the pump on the front to have an easy access to the filter (Which will get dirty often at the beginning) and also away from the engine which will prevent vapor lock. The fuel lines are going between the battery and the fender.

The passenger side air duct also had mice...

There were a lot of rust stains on the bumpers and moldings...

I have received a used hubcap from Dave Burnham.

I polished the bumpers and moldings...

The paint looked dull after, so I used a cleaner wax and my orbital polisher to revive it...

A tune up is the only thing to do and the car is finished.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ducts etc...

Fixed the air duct going to the radiator.

Added a screen...

... And sawed the zipper shut.

The backup light wires going to the gear box seemed to have been tangled and ripped. It is now fixed and working.

I have ordered a used air duct coming from Dave Burnham.

All the lights are now working.

Installed a 2" air duct for heating the intake air.

Installed the "new" used air duct to the carb.

As usual, this car had a tenant in the past.

Prepping the new air duct on the driver side. For a "back to original" restoration project I use the expensive original duct. For about a 10th of the price, I use a 4" cloth air dryer duct.

... in place.

The rear view mirror is back to its original place.

The water pump is seeping lightly. I removed some coolant and mixed some powder anti-leak.
This might fix this small leak if it doesn't, the water pump will have to be replaced.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I drove it!

The right rear suspension is finished.

The starter is working but not with the ignition key. I suspect a loss of power due to corrosion in the switch (Like on the SM). I have added a relay which takes the power directly from the battery to the solenoid. I chose the one with an external button like it used to be on the older D.

I took her for a spin.

The hydraulic works great. The rear corrector is lazy but working. It might be just dirty.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She runs (Video)...

The pump was dirty and the membrane kind of stiff, but now it is working and the car runs by itself.

Taking care of the right rear boot.

The usual grinding for the ball.

The new boot is ready, but the cylinder is stuck in the chassis. I let WD40 do its magic and I'll revisit tomorrow.

After being silent for 27 years, you can hear it now...