Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Starting project, rear brakes, engine...

This is a 1972 DS21 Pallas which did not run for 27 years. Very nice car with a beautiful leather interior.

First I want to determine what parts I might need. So far, both suspension and ball booths are bad.
The rear drum was seized fro a start.

Some material left on the shoes.

Lots of rust everywhere.

I don't know yet if the cylinder will work or not.

Cleaned up everything and lubricate moving parts. I have also set the shoes' gap.

The engine and compartment is very dirty and rusty.

I have blown the dust and spray WD40 with a paint gun before starting to work on the engine. I'll wait 24 hrs before coming back to it.

The sticky dust on the paint will be sand paper every time one will rub on it. I cleaned up the car to avoid damaging the paint.

The original paint was "Sable métallisé" (AC318).

The engine is seized. I have removed the plugs and saw corrosion salt on the tips.

I have used this device to look inside the cylinders.

Not bad. At the bottom is the cylinder wall.

There is some varnish on the intake valve which is normal for an engine that did not run for so long.

The top of a piston. No apparent damage.

The rocker cover is fairly clean.

I have poured WD40 in each cylinder and sprayed it also on the ramps and valve stems. I've waited 24 hrs to let it penetrate and... Good news, the engine is now free!

I have removed the brake accumulator to be rebuilt.

As of 11/23/2010: I am disconnecting the engine in order to remove it. I will remove the oil pan and disconnect to gear box to check the clutch.