Thursday, December 30, 2010


The front tire; a less expensive 205/70R15.

The rear tires are 185R15 (Due to the rear fender).

I saved the 2 XAS Michelin for an eventual spare tire.

Exhaust finished and continuing on engine hook up...

This part hold the hanger for the muffler; one stud broke.

After grinding and welding a new one.

The rubber hanger also broke...

This part is for Renault and may be Saab; number 35144. It may be used to hang the fuel pump on a SM.

This part is to tune the clutch. The thread is damaged by rust but salvageable.

The part is obviously to far in; I have to act on the cable.

Ready to install the steering rack. The access the nut on the other side of the screw holding the "point zero" on the steering cam, i have to remove the fender. It is a quick process and it is going to help greatly to put the battery tray, alternator, etc... back together.

The parking brake cable is at the end of adjustment. Hopefully it will be OK.

Plenty of grease on the suspension elements.

Now the clutch fork adjustment is in better position

Installing the exhaust is a nightmare when one doesn't have a lift; not fun but it is finished now :o)

All new hardware...

Ligarex to secure the triaxes' boots

This is the drain plug for the gearbox...

... After.

The tire place called me and the tires have arrived. I removed the grease from the front rims; this is due to excessive lube of the CV joints.

The last clamp is on (48mm or 1 & 7/8")

Throttle, choke cable, battery tray, hydraulic fluid reservoir, gear box shifter and brake accumulator are done.

I have to drain the fuel tank, install the radiator, alternator and battery; getting close to start the engine.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The engine is back in!

I had to redo the thread due to rust.

1/2" cap at Home Depot to plug the anti-pollution pipe.

I fixed the left rear suspension assembly. The right side needs to be done.

The ball is in good shape

I've remove the groove at the end of the rod

New boots and Ligarex; ready to be installed.

I made a new pin with a 3mm rod.

The new sphere is installed; this side is done.

I have received the used distributor and distributor tower as well as the new lip seals.

The motor mounts are set at the right height.

I have check the calipers. I was afraid that they would be seized like everything else, but no they are free. But, the pads were so corroded that they came apart; better now than on the car while braking.

New ball bearing before putting the pulley.

The clutch lever was also seized by rust and aluminum corrosion.

The starter works but the insulations are cooked. I have changed the wire driving the solenoid and put some heat shrunk isolation on the main wire.

More corrosion...

I have drilled a hole to access the cassette while the engine is running. It is impossible to do the gap with the cassette in. Future tuneups will be very accurate and quick.

The new after market pads. The disks have some ware but not too bad. I've used a sander to remove the rust.

There is a sticky valve. I've used WD40, then 3 in 1 and poured the engine oil on the valves. When I turned the engine with the starter, the sticky valve was gone. I have some Marvel Mystery Oil to put in the fuel and the oil to prevent sticky valves for a while. I will pour some in the carb while the engine is running to lubricate and clean the intake valve stems.

That was the bolt that held the alternator to the gearbox. This had to be addressed before the engine is back in the car.

It's ready...

It's in.