Friday, January 14, 2011

Ducts etc...

Fixed the air duct going to the radiator.

Added a screen...

... And sawed the zipper shut.

The backup light wires going to the gear box seemed to have been tangled and ripped. It is now fixed and working.

I have ordered a used air duct coming from Dave Burnham.

All the lights are now working.

Installed a 2" air duct for heating the intake air.

Installed the "new" used air duct to the carb.

As usual, this car had a tenant in the past.

Prepping the new air duct on the driver side. For a "back to original" restoration project I use the expensive original duct. For about a 10th of the price, I use a 4" cloth air dryer duct.

... in place.

The rear view mirror is back to its original place.

The water pump is seeping lightly. I removed some coolant and mixed some powder anti-leak.
This might fix this small leak if it doesn't, the water pump will have to be replaced.

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